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Quilter:  Andrea Kelter
Christmas is upon us...a season of renewed hope and "glad tidings" for the new year.  For many, it has been a year of profound changes, both good and bad, but this magical time of year allows us to let go of the past, and move forward in the spirit of optimism that all will be well.  This is our first year without our father, and grandfather - which is why his photo is on this page.  It's my way of remembering him, and inviting his soul to pay us a visit.

You'll notice my cover image reflects the spirit of optimism and joy...all of my mug rug snowmen are looking up at the sky - waiting for a beautiful snowflake, or looking towards the heavens - whatever your belief, up is always a good direction to look for guidance, solace or inspiration.

Around my little part of Nova Scotia, the holiday spirit is everywhere you look - good food, good friends, lots of cheer! It always brings to mind a few words from a beloved Christmas song, "Ornaments collected from every Christmas night, Memories reflected through tinsel and light..."  and, "It's Christmas, it's Christmas...and I'm going home."

I hope your home is filled with happiness this holiday season, and that the new year brings you many blessings.    - Andrea

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