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Quilter:  Andrea Kelter
A "Plus" Table Topper!

This past Christmas, I made my brother and his wife an heirloom-quilted red and white holiday table topper. They enjoyed it so much that my brother was going to use it year round (men!!!!).

I didn't think that was a great idea, so I decided to make them a "Plus" table topper using the colours he told me he likes for his kitchen.

It came together quickly and easily using lots of 4-inch squares of fabric, then I free-motion quilted it in a meandering feather design.  

It will be headed off to its new home in Ontario tomorrow - and I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Next up - the second "Cosmos" art quilted pillow!

Thanks for stopping by Tideline Quilts!     -Andrea
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