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Ir's been a great few days in quilting - Scrappy Sailboats is finished and will be ready to head to a baby's room somewhere - AND - I got a call out of the blue yesterday afternoon with a lovely man lookling for a 2nd Anniversary gift for his wife (second anniversary is cotton) - and he purchased by "Good Day" throw quilt for her.


I finished Scrappy Sailboats on Minerva (that's what I've named my new Singer S18 Studio machine - first time I've had a "girl" machine!) - every time I try another feature of this machine I fall more and more in love with her!  I have never bound a quilt so quickly or easily - she sews through any thickness of fabric and corners I've thrown at her without even the slightest hiccup.  A very worthwhile investment - I'm just so pleased I made the change!

Normally, my bindings are one colour - but I went scrappy (to match the quilt) with the sailboats - and really like the end result.  It adds that finishing pop of colour along the outer edges
of the quilt, and just looks "right" against the
scrappy blocks.

So glad you've stopped by!
- Andrea
A scrappy sailboat finish!