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Quilter:  Andrea Kelter
​All the photos above are part of this year's holiday quilting! The item in the large photo is the back of the Red and White Table Topper shown in the first small image - the best way to see the quilting detail is to view it from the back!  I love feathers, and the feather circles are just so much fun to work with!

Quilts as gifts are a lovely way to let someone know how much they's like giving someone a warm and personal hug!

To see the quilts I currently have for sale in an online setting, please visit QUILTS FOR SALE and go to the pages under Quilter - Andrea Kelter. 

Or, if you're travelling in Nova Scotia and are in the Pictou County area, give me a call at (902) 318-5600 - you can drop by and see all of the available quilts for yourself!

Thanks so much for visiting Tideline Quilts.      - Andrea

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