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Quilter:  Andrea Kelter
Progress on my "works in progress"?

Although they look totally disconnected, all of the photos above have one thing (well, actually more than one thing) in common - but the main thing is, they are all WIPs (works in progress!)

The large image is the first of two pillows I'm making using Michael Miller's "Cosmos" panel - I love these because I am art-quilting them.  The grey and white pieced section above is the top 20% of a commissioned Minecraft quilt I'm working on.  The second pic is the back (of the front) of Cosmos. The third, a lovely quilt top made when testing a pattern for a quilt designer in the U.S. - now I need to actually QUILT IT, because it will be lovely.  And the bottom pic, my bed-size version of "Star Bright" a pattern by Katie Blakesley that I modifed a little (well, more than a little!, also ready for quilting.

If you stop by again soon, I promise there'll be progress to show you.  Really.  Thanks for visiting!                                              -Andrea
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