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Tideline Quilts are available for purchase at 
Quilter:  Andrea Kelter
Something's coming...maybe spring?

After huge snow and ice storms in February and March, it seems that spring might finally be tip-toeing in to Nova Scotia!   Even though winter started late, it seems to have lasted a very long time, and I'm sure everyone (particularly the animals) is drawing a breath of relief.

With spring's arrival comes time to take my quilted projects to "Made in the Maritimes", Nova Scotia's exclusive new Artisan-Made store opening in Bedford in April.  

After a juried competition, I'm delighted to announce that Tideline Quilts will be offered for sale at Made in the Maritimes (and you'll be able to shop online as well!) The store owners are working on a website, and I'll put up links as soon as it's live!

Hope spring is either headed your way or has arrived...

Thanks so much for stopping by!            -Andrea
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