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It's finished!!!!!  Well...almost.  The quilting is finished.  I can't believe it - I thought this day would never come...

I swear this quilt grew six inches in every direction every time I put it on the machine to quilt a section.  I went through 2 spools of Aurifil Bubblegum 50-Wt. Thread - and then my thread store ran out of the colour.  TWO MILES OF THREAD - and I needed more.  Sooo...I ended up finding a variegated Aurifil thread that has Bubblegum in it - and had to make do with that.  The good thing is it was not in the white areas of the quilt - so you really cannot tell.  (Sigh of relief).

Now for binding it, and shipping it - hopefully before my brother (which is where this Never Ending Quilt is headed) - disowns me.

My next project is a memorial keepsake wall hanging or tabletop quilt for a friend - in memory of his father who grew tomatoes and strawberries and also bedding plants for nurseries (translate as flowers!!!!) - I am planning to make blocks from Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book - I love her blocks - hopefully I will do them justice.  Am thinking about embroidering some vintage long-stem flowers among the blocks - but we'll see!

Happy Quilty Tuesday to everyone!
- Andrea
The never-ending quilt is done!