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Tideline Quilts
"Sea" Twin Size Bed Quilt
How better to celebrate love for the sea, than by sleeping under a Sea-themed quilt?
The backing is three pieces, featuring Sailaway" at the top and bottom in salute to the Elsie Menota, our favourite sailing yacht.
The Seascapes panel is the focus of this quilt - dense quilting around each of the squares creates a 3-D effect.
A closer look at the "Sailaway" fabric and the quilting detail.
This is a commissioned quilt, from an avid sea lover, conservationist and recently published author of "The Neverending Quest".
Closeup detail of the top and bottom blocks, and the quilting detail, done to resemble a sand dollar.
"Baby Birds" 48-Inch by 48-Inch Quilt 
This sweet baby quilt is 48" x 48" in size, is perfect for a wall, crib or toddler bed.
The quilt features three appliqued and embroidered cute!
The quilting includes dense and medium stippling, echoing, feathers and matchsticks.
The backing is a fresh take on gingham, one of the fabrics from the Cutesy This 'n That collection.
A look at the piecing and quilting detail, and the chevron.
The appliques appear to float above the quilt.
"Spring Bluebird" 18-Inch Pillow 
This is an 18 inch pillow from a pattern by Linda Jenkins and Becky Goldsmith.
A closeup look at the quilting - leaves and spirals in the bottom half, leaves and dense stippling in the top half.  All the applique has been stitched in the ditch,
The quilting detail shows best on the back of this pillow.  Note the ditching, leaves, swirls and stippling throughout.
A closer look at the details of the completed pillow.
The completed pillow - ready to head to Ontario!
You can really see the leaves quilting detail in this shot!
"Fishy, Fishy #1" 18-Inch Pillow 
Fishy, Fishy is the first of a set of two pillows inspired by a design in The Modern Applique Workbook by Jenifer Dick.
A look at the embroidered wave detail.
The cushion cover has an envelope back - so you can remove the pillow insert and hand wash the cover when required.
Fish just gotta have bubbles!
Closeup look at the quilting detail - done on a Singer Quantum Stylist.
The white embroidery blends the blue stripes into the background with its wave pattern.
"Enchanted April" Twin Size Bed Quilt
This quilt features a stunning fabric called Postcards from Paris, and was made with a turn-back to showcase this art fabric.
I adapted Elizabeth Hartman's pattern, Birthday Cake, to make this quilt.
The backer is a beautiful, old-fashioned, Asian-inspired interpretation of rose bouquets.
A good look at the blocks, and how the Paris fabric was incorporated into the quilt top.
Even closer to the blocks for a really good  look at the free motion quilting - dense stippling with loops.
The finished look of an heirloom quilt with accent pillows and an antique headboard,
"Fishy, Fishy #2" 12 x 16-Inch Pillow 
Fishy, Fishy #2 is done!  Here's a great look at the hero fabrics I used for the fish.  I just love the green and blue batik - one of my fav's!
Trying to show you some of the quilting detail - these little fishes are swimming in dozens and dozens of waves and bubbles.
It's probably a good idea to show you the entire pillow, too!
I thought a single blue wave with white embroidery would be about right for this pillow, because it is only 12 inches high.
Really close to the quilting and blanket stitches around the applique fishes.
I think these two cushions would look amazing in a shabby-chic cottage setting!
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"Spring Mix" Twin Size Bed Quilt
Spring Mix is an original design  featuring the Modern Roses fabric collection from Moda.  This quilt won a bronze medal in the Moda Quilt Olympics, held in conjunction with the Sochi Games.
The fabrics feature contemporary colours, but with a slightly faded, shabby-chic design that creates a tranquil, restful palette.
This piece is intricately quilted in desne stipple, feather borders, paisley borders and inset floral and diamond medallions.
The backer is a contemporary tangerine/white rectangular print, which also looks fantastic slightly folded back over the top of the quilt.
A look at one of the four diamond medallions, centered on the inner border on all four sides of the quilt.
This is an heirloom quilt, designed to be loved by many generations.  With the right care, it will last for hundreds of years.
"Spring Promise" Table Topper (Pink/Orange) 
This topper is about 24 inches square, from a Quilter's World pattern called "Tossed Flowers".
The backing is a stunning fabric called Decadence, by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake Designs.
Lots of colour, both soft and bold, marks this pink/orange colourway of the Spring Promise collection from Blend Fabrics.  The end result is a truly stunning play of colour.
This topper is intricately quilted with echoed flowers in the centre, dissolving to swirls and then to pebbles,  The dense quilting creates a lot of texture in this topper.
A close look at the quilted swirls.
While making this topper, I kept envisioning it on a distressed white or blue table, with cold glasses of fresh lemonade with raspberries in it, and Maritime-style strawberry shortcake on fresh biscuits...
"Spring Promise" Table Topper (Blue/Green)
I love the Tossed Flowers topper pattern so much I made a second one, using the blue/green colourway of my Spring Promise fabrics!
I always find it amazing how the same pattern can look so totally different, depending on colour and fabric placement.
This topper is completely quilted in an echoed flower pattern I call "Dahlia".
The pretty backer is from the Spring Promise collection by Ana Davis for Blend Fabrics.
A close look at the quilting detail.
Here it is with the pink topper - which one is your favourite?  Wouldn't they make a great wedding or housewarming gift - with a set of coffee mugs or outdoor stemware?
"Honky Tonk Pinwheels" Throw/Bed or Wall Quilt
Honky Tonk Pinwheels is an original design by Tideline Quilts, and is heirloom quilted with over 40 hours of quilting time alone.
This quilt features the Honky Tonk fabric collection by Eric and Julie Comstock for Moda.
Very intricate quilting (each block is different) anchored by feathers in the sashing adds great aesthetic appeal to this quilt.
A look at the whole quilt - but the photo really does not do it justice.
The back of the quilt really shows the intricacy of the quilting design.
Another angle to capture more of the details of this quilt.
"Maritime Memories" Table Topper
This fun, summery topper is all about Maritime Memories - lobsters, lighthouses, ferries and coastal inns!
Lots of intricate quilting adds great details to this topper.  If you'd like to take it home, give me a call at 902-318-5600.
This topper can be used on either side, the reverse is a whole-cloth topper with intricate quilting details.
The centre medallion offers a great look at the Seaside Escapes fabric collection by David Carter for Wilmington Prints.
A look at the entire topper - it is about 24 x 24 inches in size.
Just as pretty (in a completely different way), when you turn it over!
"Summertime Memories" Mug Rug Swap
My first swap is turning out to be so much fun!  My swap-mate lives in Tasmania, and she loves blues, greens and the sea - so here's what I came up with.
My mug rug design borrows from the Fishy, Fishy pillows I made earlier this year...I added a pocket (great for tea bags, napkins, spoons, or tucking in a couple of cookies!)
You can see some of the quilting details - waves and bubbles, and the large sphere behind the biggest applique fish is outlined twice, and completely filled in with bubbles - this is where your mug goes!
If you look closely, you'll notice that the pocket is on opposite corners of each mug rug!
The eyes have it!  I found just the "googly-eyes" I was looking for, at Walmart, of all places.
I've now added the eyes to all the fish, for a fun and whimsical note.  You can also see one of the two whale-tail mugs that are going into my swap package and heading for Australia!
"Cottage Breeze" 20-Inch Pillows
This bright and breezy 20-inch pillow is one of a pair!  Perfect for any coastal inspired or modern decor, it will add comfort and fun to any room.  The fabrics for the front of these cushions are from the Sunnyside Collection by Kate Spain for Moda.
A close look at the piecing and quilting - simple 2-1/2 inch squares are free motion quilted in an orange peel design.
The back is as pretty as the front, bright tangerine and white fabric (Honey Swirl by Michael Miller Fabrics), in combination with a crisp blue binding - the envelope back allows easy pillow form inserting, and makes the cover fully washable!
A close look at the orange peel quilting design - all done by hand with a free motion quilting foot.
The inside of the cover is finished with natural muslin to create a professional, tailored pillow cover that will last for years.
Pillow form inserted, and ready to go!
"Down Under Dreamin' #1" 20-Inch Pillow
Designed with the colours and birds of Australia in mind, this is the first of two pillows made as a gift for my friend, Allan.
A look at some of the quilting detail.  The birds are echoed, and swirls and leaves fill in the remaining space...I always back the front of my pillows for a perfect finish inside the envelope.
The envelope back picks up on the fabrics used in the appliqued birds on the front side!
A closeup look at both the embroidery and the applique.
Signed "Tideline Quilts" just above the embroidered "wire"...
A look at the applique pillow paired with the pieced pillow for a great, contemporary designer look!
"Down Under Dreamin' #2" 20-Inch Pillow
The second of a pair, this pillow is pieced and embroidered, as well as quilted!
A close look at the feather and embroidery detail on the front.
Quilting detail from the inside finish of the front of this pillow...totally enclosed in muslin.
Full quilting and embroidery detail from the back.
A good look at the finished pillow!
...and paired with pillow #1, just a great look for a couch, bedroom, outdoor furniture...or anywhere else a pillow set can come in handy!
"Beach Baby" Crib Quilt
A look at the whole quilt - the pattern is "Star Bright" by Katie Blakesley of Swim.Bike.Quilt.
Dense free motion quilting adds  lot of texture to this quilt, creating the impression of a walk along the shore at low tide.
All of the navy fabrics are quilted in navy thread, my goal was to create texture, rather than drama.
A close look at the feathers, swirls and pebbles - all free motion quilted in the mid-blue blocks.
The back of the quilt feature a bold Michael Miller fabric called "Point of Sail."
The straight lines in the white star were quilted with a walking foot, creating a nice contrast to the rest of the curves and swirls.
"Teal for Two" Quilting for a Cause - Ovarian Cancer Research Mug Rug Swap
My mug rug for Ovarian Cancer Research is finished and ready to head off to Massachusettes.  I've really enjoyed being part of this great fundraiser.
This mug rug incorporates applique, embroidery and simple piecing, using fabrics from the "Modernology" collection.
The quilting was a lot of fun...I used a micro Swirl Hook learned from Angela Walters over at Quilting Is \My Therapy, and echoed the applique twice to make it stand out...ditched the other piecing and that was it!
"Dexter's Welcome" Cat Dish Mats
These two cat dish mats were quick and easy to make, and gave me a great chance to practice a new FMQ design,  Angela Walters' "Swirl Hook".
They are pretty and practical, because they will keep his dish from sliding around on the floor, and they'll catch any accidental spills!
Each one is quilted just a bit differently, both have some stippling, but one has feathers down one side, while the other has a Swirl Hook design.
A good look a the feathers...
Here you see the mat with the Swirl Hook quilting on top!  Fabric is "A Cat's Life" by Benartex.
I think my Mom will like these!
"Shore Bird" 20-Inch Pillow
Thought we'd start with a look at the finished pillow in it's final setting...looks comfy, doesn't it?  This is a Tideline Quilts' original design.
A close up look at the bird, it looks like trapunto work, but isn't.  The bird is fussy cut from a panel, then echoed and the background is filled in with dense swirl quilting.
The envelope back features more shore birds (sandpipers) and also makes it easy to wash the cover because you can just take the pillow insert out.
The inside front of the pillow is backed with Kona White cotton before quilting, to ensure a perfect finish inside and out!  The great thing about this is it really shows off the intricacy of the quilting...
The trapunto-effect is shown clearly in this photo.
Both the top and bottom of this pillow feature half-round ruler work, filled in with free motion work to create bands of quilting top an bottom.
I used the rest of the strip piecing to make a little fridge-mat for my mom's mini-fridge.  It is meant to feature her cat Dexter!  To add interest, I did some ruler work and feathers along the bottom green fabric strip.
The mat is a combination of appique, embroidery, strip piecing and free motion stippling.
Even when the backs are simple, I think it's important to choose a really pretty, completmentary fabric.
A close look at the butterfly applique, and the dense looping stipple with interspersed flowers quilting design.
This is Dexter - the guy who started this little mat!
And, a look at the entire "Country Cat" fridge mat!
"Country Cat" Mini-Fridge Topper
"Shore Bird 2" 20-Inch Pillow
Pieced, embroidered, layered and ready for quilting!
The second "Shorebird"  pillow is done, and ready for a pillow insert.  As you can see, it is complementary to the first pillow, but they are not identical.
Intricate quilting includes feathers, swirls, echoing, swirl hooks and ruler work, along with stitch-in-the-ditch work.
A close look at the finished pillow.
I think they look great together...and they are washable, durable and exttremely comfortable.
Although the photo is taken with the second cushion on top, the design actually lends itself to pillow one being on top if the two are overlapped.
"Neighbours & Friends" Mug Rug Swap
I enjoyed my first swap so much, and made such a great new friend, that I signed up for the next one as well...
The swap consists of two mug rugs, both featuring applique and embroidery in a traditional country, or semi-primitive style.   It's been years since I did hand embroidery, so this is lots of fun!
The two patterns provided are really nice, but I did take a few liberties with them...adding clouds, adding a hill and some trees to the second one...and altering the colours to fall because my swap partner loves autumn and wants those colours for use on her fifth wheel.
This is the first mug rug - House on the Hill - and I really like how it turned out!  Very autumnal, and I do think the puffy clouds add that little something extra!
I love using these swaps for testing and perfecting new techniques - on Mug Rug #2, I tried a new way of machine binding - and I love it.  Both sides are attached from the front...and it creates a look on the front that is as close to hand sewn as it gets!
Both mug rugs completed, and ready to head off to Minnesota tomorrow (along with a few goodies and treats!)
"Farm Fresh" 20-Inch Pillows
Love this unique, country-style fabric!  Bold colours, great theme, even a chicken-wire blender fabric!  I quilted a very geometric design around the outer edge of this pillow.
A closer look at the quilting - it's easier to see the details on the back of the pillow face.
the first pillow has traditional feathers and feathered hearts around the outside border.
Under construction - quilted and trimmed, and waiting for an envelope back!
A nice close look at the fabric...isn't it fun?
This particular pair are a Christmas gift for a friend'a brown sofa.
"Jug or Not" 20-Inch Pillows
These funky pillows are made using fabrics from the "Jugs or Not" collection by Michael Miller.  I love the retro vibe!
A good look at one of the pair!
Every detail on each jug, base, body and handle has been outline quilted.  Lots of starts and stops!
It was a cchallenge finding an angle that would show the quilting detail...this one comes pretty close.
Envelope back, and the Tideline Quilts label.
In a group of my handmade pillows - and they still stand out!
"Silver Chevron" 18-Inch Pillows
This plush fabric was a welcome surprise - thought I had ordered quilt cotton!  It is so soft, feels like mink!  Quilting the edges of all the chevrons really adds definition and makes them pop!
I love the backing fabric, too!
Quilting detail seen from the back.
Envelope back with the Tideline Quilts logo.
A great look at a quilted and trimmed front - really shows the dimension the quilting adds.
A look at one of the completed Silver Chevron pillows.
If you're interested in one of these projects, or need some info, please...
"La Fete de Noel" 36-Inch Festive Table Topper
The concept for this topper is a central area of four disappearing nine-patch blocks - cut in half both horizontally and vertically - then pieced back together.
The topper is pieced, and ready to be layered and quilted.
Very intricate quilting is anchored by a 10 inch feather circle inside each of the key blocks in the central part of this topper.
A very finely detailed, free motion quilted holly and berries climbing design circles this topper in the cream border.
A close look at the quilting details from the front.
And, a look at the completed topper!
"Holiday Trees" 44-Inch Festive Table Runner
Four applique blocks, separated by sashing strips - form the nucleus of this fun table runner!
The blocks are joined together, in opposite directions, to create a look that works well from both sides of the table!
A close look a the quilting as seen from the front.
Lots of quilting on this one - including stars on strings, meandering stars, holiday ornaments and pebbling, as well as my climbing holly and berries FMQ design!
The Tideline Quilts label is sewn in under the bindng edge.
A look at the whole runner - completely finished!
"Holiday Trees" 36-Inch Festive Table Runner
My friend Debbie has a fantastic country kitchen, and she loves decorating with shades of green in her, a green tree runner for Christmas!
I wanted the quilting to be something special, so there's a lot of it!  Ornaments and pebbles, strands of ornaments, falling stranded snowflakes, and around the outside, a forest of trees the same shape as in the blocks!
This would have made a nice wholecloth topper as well - but she can use it reversible if she wishes!
Finished!  And laying on my kitchen table for a quick pic!
"Snowman" Mug Rugs for Holiday Gifting
These adorable mug rugs finish at about 9 inches square.  They are loads of fun to make and add a festive touch while saving your furniture from spills and drink rings!
Add some nice coordinating mugs, some Keurig or Tassimo discs, some accompanying biscuits, a pretty basket and you've got a lovely holiday gift!
How about a pretty coordinating mug and a Tim Card?  A great gift for your friends at work, or anyone who loves to start their day with a stop at Timmy's!
This pair was coordinated with some tall, beautifil Starbucks coffee mugs and other goodies, then wrapped up with cellophane in the basket seen in some of the other photos.
The quilting is a combination of meandering and free motion stars, as well as outline around the appliqued elements.
A closeup look at the front of one of these mug rugs!  These can be made to order for about $15 each.