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Tideline Quilts
"Cottage Breeze" 20-Inch Cushions (Commissioned)
Each of these two pillows begins by cutting and laying out ONE HUNDRED 2-1/2 inch squares of fabric.  There is very little margin for error if you want things to fit correctly!
My pillows are made to last a lifetime!  They are carefully finished both inside and out.  This is a look at the back of the cushion front, showing both the careful finish and the "orange peel" quilting design.
A look at the envelope back, featuring a designer ribbon finish and the Tideline Quilts label.  The fabrics of the backing are double thickness.
Most of my pillows have envelope backs, which allows the pillow insert to be removed easily so the cover can be washed as often as required.  I finish the backs with designer ribbons that coordinate with the pillow, and also the Tideline Quilts label.
A closeup look at the two finished pillows.  To save on shipping, they are sent without inserts - the inserts needed are 20 inches square and readily available at many stores.  If a customer prefers, I can also send them with inserts as I keep a large stock on hand.
The finished pillows from a little further back, so you can see them in their entirety!
"Ocean Drift" 12 x 20-Inch Pillows
This pillow is a bit different than my others because there is a double layer of batting in behind the embroidered panel to give it some extra "puff".
I love the "Ocean Drift" collection fabrics by Angela Walters for Art Gallery Fabrics - so I mirrored their patterns in my quilting design.  Very dense, allover FMQ!
The front of the first pillow, completely quilted and trimmed, and ready to have an envelope back attached.
I wanted the back to be as fun and pretty as the front, so I used a fat quarter from the Ocean Drift collection, and some "Point of Sail" fabric by Michael Miller.  This cover is fully washable, just remove the pillow insert for washing, then pop it back in after!
A look at all of the quilting on one of the pillow fronts!  Lots of it, isn't there?
I picture these cushions on a white couch, or in front of big white pillows on a bed, or on some outdoor wicker furniture by the shore...
"Cosmos #1 - 21 x 21-Inch Pillow
This is the first of two large 21-inch pillows I am making using art fabrics from Laura Gunn's "Cosmos" collection for Michael Miller Fabrics.
I art-quilted this fabric in 50-wt. cotton threads that would blend into the surface, to create only texture so that the stunning fabric would be brought to life by the quilting.
Although the light was less than ideal, this photo does give a glimpse at the texture added by the quilting.
The envelope back is made with "Tiny Cosmos in Red" fabric from the same collection.  The edges are finished with "Tiny Birds" ribbon by Sue Spargo.  This cover is fully washable, just remove the pillow insert, wash the cover and dry it, and return the insert through the envelope back!
The quilting was nearly done when I took this picture...I love when quilting looks as good from the back as it does from the front!
One more look at the finished pillow!  I just love this one!
"Friendship" 15 x 15 Candle Mat Swap
Every now and again I join one of Michele Foster's Quilting Gallery Swaps for fun...I've made some amazing new quilting friends this way, and it's lots of fun to exchange the quilted products!
Because this candle mat is going to Louisiana, which to me means MARDI GRAS - Yee-Haa! - I chose bright, colourful fabrics in shades of blue and tangerine.
This candle mat incorporates some of my favorite Michael Miller fabrics, and also a text print, "Sun Print Text" by Alison Glass.  I love, love, love text prints!
In keeping with the summery colours, I quilted a giant dahlia with leaves around it in the centre block, then filled the remaining space with swirls and pebbles.
We're supposed to put detailed labels on the swap quilts, but I stick with my simple Tideline Quilts label for a clean, refined look.
No swap is complete without some surprises inside the box!  For this swap, I added a sweet little ceramic owl candle dish, an Ocean Mist pillar candle (which smells just heavenly) and the quilter's essential - two Lindor Milk Chocolate bars!!!
"Minecraft"  67-1/2" x 90" Twin Bed Quilt (Commissioned)
Back in January, a quilting friend from one of my social media groups asked if I might want to design and create a "Minecraft" quilt for one of her customers.  I had no idea what Minecraft was, but learned it's a video game which allows you to build 3-D things online (kind of like virtual Lego)!
After lots of communication, this is the final design we settled on for this quilt.
To make it as realistic as possible, we decided to stitch the entire quilt in the ditch - using a combination of black and silver/grey thread to create shadows in the ditch that would set off the individual blocks.
The quilt is warm, soft and very cuddly, thanks mostly to the client's request that I back it with microfleece.  An excellent choice.
Unbelievable inclement weather made it impossible to photograph the quilt outdoors...and I needed to get it to her, so draping it over the dining room table was the best I could do...
The customer was kind enough to email me a photo of the quilt on her son's bed.  According to her, he loves it!!!
"Plus" 30" x 30" Table Topper
Just starting to assemble rows of four inch squares - I love seeing the transformation from loosely related pieces of fabric to a fully pieced quilt top, and then to a finished quilt.
This table topper is for my brother and his wife.  They wanted pear greens and prints that read neutral.  I added a punch of harvest red for a little bit of a wow factor.
A look at the meandering feather quilting design, taken from far back so you can see as much of it as possible.
No quilt is complete until the Tideline Quilts label is stitched in, and every mitered corner is closed by invisible hand stitching.
A final look at the finished topper!
A look at the topper straight on!
"Cosmos #2 - 21 x 21-Inch Pillow
A close-up of the first of the art quilting, done in free-motion, for the second Cosmos pillow.  You can see how the quilting detail starts to bring the fabric to life...
With such small-scale, intricate quilting - accuracy is very important.  As you can see, the circular quilting is smaller than the head of a medium size safety pin!
My goal in art quilting is to add depth, dimension and texture - I aim to create a life-like representation of the florals and other elements from nature depicted in my art cushions.
The back of my pillows get the same attention to detail as the front.  Designer ribbon finishes the edges, the back is double fabric thickness and the Tideline Quilts logo is always placed the same way.  Envelope backs allow removal of the pillow insert for easy care.
A closeup of Cosmos #2 finished.  I love how life-like the curling petals are!
The two Cosmos pillows side-by-side. I think they'll make a wonderful addition to someone's home!
"Fresh Lobster" 12 x 21-Inch Pillow
I bought 12 pieces of this uniquely crafted fabric by Windham a couple of years I ever glad, because it is no longer available.
The backs of my designer pillows are finished as carefully as the front.  I make envelope backs, so that the insert can be removed for laundering the cover.
This is a look at the quilting detail on these pillows..,.lots of details bring the fabric fully to life!
I love how the lobster appears to pop right off the pillow...
A look at the back of the finished pillow!
And the entire pillow for one last look!
"Tried & True" 14 x 52-Inch Table Runner
This runner is made with Nancy Halvorsen's "Tried & True" fabric collection from Moda.
This topper is quilted using a trademark Angela Walters free motion quilting design.
The backer fabric is a stunning hand-dyed batik featuring all kinds of's a "hoot"!!!
No piece is complete until the Tideline Quilts label is attached!
A chance to see the piecing design, and some of the lovely fabrics.
One last closeup view...
"Country Cat" 20 x 20-Inch Pillow
For cat lovers, this large, soft and comfy pillow makes just the right statement!  This country cat looks quite pleased with himself, doesn't he?
Lots of quilting detail turns the center panel of this pillow into the look of applique...
The dense and very detailed, fine quilting creates the look of trapunto in the centre panel, making the flowers, bees and cat appear three dimensional.
The envelope back makes it easy to remove the pillow insert and wash the cover in your machine.  As with all quilts, proper care will make this quilted pillow last for generations.
My father always told me that the difference between good and excellent is one thing:  attention to detail.  This is the philosophy I bring to my quilting.
Wouldn't this make a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for the cat lover in your life?  Visit my Etsy Shop "Tideline Quilts" to purchase - $57.50 (Cdn.)
"Le Petit Bistro #1" 16 x 11-Inch Table or Place Mat 
If you love the Parisian look of shabby-chic, or you love your cup of Joe every day, this carefully and intricately quilted table mat might be just right for you!
In keeping with the theme of these beautiful fabrics by Wilmington Prints, I've quilted an old stone wall into the background...making the writing look like graffiti from a by-gone era.
Every piece has the Tideline Quilts signature tag...
The cup and coffee pot sit on a densely quilted "table".  Note the 3D effect the quilting gives the dishes.
Even the diamond borders are carefully quilted, to turn them from fabric to the look of  French ribbon.
A great housewarming gift idea:  two of these mats, coordinating designer mugs, some gourmet coffee and bakery treats...YUM!
"Le Petit Bistro #2" 16 x 11-Inch Table or Place Mat
I love that each mat has common elements and style, but the centre panel is different...a lovely collection of four different cup and coffee pot designs.
You'll see that old stone wall quilted into all of the mats from this fabric collection...there will be four of them when I'm done.
I love the coffee-bean fabric binding, and to assure you you're getting a Tideline Quilt original...each piece carries my label.
A closeup look at some of the quilting and fabric detail.
I love the three dimensional effect the intricate free-motion quilting gives these table mats...
Have you discovered a favourite panel from the Le Petit Bistro collection yet?
"Le Petit Bistro #3" 16 x 11-Inch Table or Place Mat
The third panel is a fun study in red and white, and features a Boda-style coffee pot.
I loved quilting the coffee beans to make them jump off the table!
There's that quilted old-stone wall again...
It's not finished until the label goes on!
A close look at the quilted stone wall...lots of detail and lots of stitches!
This mat is available in my Etsy shop for $27.50 Canadian...I have a feeling they won't last long.  If you'd like to own one, or give one as a gift...visit Tideline Quilts on Etsy.
"Low Tide" 20 x 12-Inch Pillows
These cushions have a lovely coastal vibe in a low-volume fabric that will coordinate beautifully with most decor.  Bring the beach home with these functional, beautiful pieces!
A close look at the intricate free motion quilting - pebbles, shells and sand-dollars - like taking a walk along the shore at low tide!
Finished with my trademark tag, and designer ribbon!
Envelope backs not only look great, but they allow you to remove the pillow form easily, and wash the pillow cover - ensuring years of use, and fresh, clean, great looks!
Another look at the free motion quilting design - a Tideline quilts original!
It's hard to beat the relaxed, fresh vibe of coastal decor, don't you think?
"Low Tide" 18 x 18-Inch Pillow
This pillow is strip-pieced and machine embroidered - and I love how it turned out!
It is part of a larger collection of "Low Tide" pieces I am making...including a bed quilt, two other pillows, placemats and a bar mat.
The back is kind of fun!  I love the graphic seaweed fabric, and the octopus ribbon for a whimsical note of fun!  It's envelope style - so this cover can be easily washed by removing the pillow form.
No piece is complete until the Tideline Quilts tag goes on!
The Low Tide pieces are for this travel trailer...Merlyn new "home away from home"!!!
One more look!
"Low Tide" Placemats and Bar Topper
The subtle low volume prints in these placemats really appeal to me, and are perfect for the colours of my trailer!  Durable, aethetically pleasing AND reversible - these will last a lifetime and beyond!
Although the oyster fabric might not be for everyone, the inside of my trailer is grays and taupes - so they are a perfect fit for where they're going!
The coordinating topper will sit under the bottles and cocktail shaker on the trailer's bar - it has a solid surface countertop with a polished finish - this will prevent scratches (and will look great at the same time).
The back is a low volume modern print that coordinates with everything else but isn't too "matchy-matchy".  Once I add the pillows I'm making for myself, the look should be really great!
Seeing the front and back sides at the same time - overlaid on the trailer's interior...
One last look at the placemats - I like these enough that I'm going to make more sets in various types and styles of fabric  for my Etsy Shop.
"Blue Ocean " 20 x 12-Inch Pillow
I love this crisp blue and white nautical inspired pillow!  Picture it against crisp white bed linens!
The back is carefully pieced in coordinating fabrics, so it's as pretty as the front.
The quilting on this one resembles a big field of wildflowers...
It's got to have my signature tag, or it's not a Tideline Quilt!
Even without the pillow insert, it is just a lovely piece of coastal home decor!
It is available for $57.50 (Cdn) in my Etsy Shop - Tideline Quilts.
"Bleu Paris/Beacon" 45 x 14-Inch Reversible Table Runner
Bleu Paris by Michael Miller might just be one of the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen.  So beautiful that I cannot bring myself to cut it apart.  Which is why it is now a wholecloth, reversible table runner.
This look at the entire runner makes it clear why cutting this stunning fabric apart just wouldn't have been right.  Imagine this on an antique white farm table...or distressed warm white bistro table.
A closeup of some of the fabric detail...
The reverse side is equally pretty and features Beacon by Timeless Treasures...a Delft-like fabric that is simply enchanting.
You know it's a Tideline Quilt when you see my simple, but pretty, label...
A look at the entire back of this runner - I love reversible things because they are such an uncomplicated way of creating totally different looks with just one piece!  This runner is available in my Etsy Shop (Tideline Quilts) for $49.50 Cdn.
"Bleu Paris/Beacon " 19 x 14-Inch Reversible Placemats (Set of 4)
Four pretty, reversible quilted placemats featuring stunning summery and coastal fabrics...
Add some Paris chic to your table when you have the "Bleu Paris" side up!
Want that coastal inspired beachy vibe?  Flip 'em over, and show off the beautiful blue and white "Beacon" fabric by Timeless Treasures.
Simple qullting adds texture, and allows the beautiful fabrics to shine!
Bleu Paris...just add cafe au lait and brioche!
Summertime...and the livin' is easy...
"Blue Ocean II " 20 x 12-Inch Pillow
People who know my quilting know I prefer complementary designs over matchy-matchy.  Here's Blue Ocean II, a perfect companion for Blue Ocean.  Both are available in my Etsy Shop - Tideline Quilts.
A pretty envelope back permits easy laundering of the pillow cover, and looks Oh! So pretty...
The Tideline Quilts finishing touch.
A nice look at the "field of flowers" free motion quilting design.
A final look...
"Scrappy Sailboats" 48 x 48-Inch Crib Quilt
Snapped a quick pic as the first blocks got underway...
This is my first foray into true "scrap" quilting...and I'm lovin' it!  I'm using Christina Cameli's "Effervescent" quilting design to finish this quilt, and bring all the scrappy elements together.
"Effervescent" is a lovely quilting design featuring wavy lines and bubbles...perfect for a sailboat quilt!
A closeup of the sailboat blocks!
I thought it would be a nice touch to add a 12 x 16 patchwork pillow to this baby quilt ensemble.
I just loved this quilt when it was done...and it seems the public did, too, because it sold in just a couple of days!
Contact Us
If you're interested in one of these projects, or need some info, please...
"Sugar N Spice" 48 x 48-Inch Crib Quilt
This quilt began as a test pattern for Sew Incredibly Amy, and I decided to  use my long-hoarded stash of Paris Flea Market fabrics by Moda to create a shabby-chic baby quilt.
I pieced a backing for this quilt  using more of the fabrics from the collection.
This quilt has a lot of secondary patterns, showcased by some new quilting designs I recently learnedin a class with Lori Kennedy of The Inbox Jaunt.
Some of the intricate quilting detail is best seen from the back of the quilt - like this Norah's Rose quilting design.
The soft sea-washed hues lend a warm, pretty air to this quilt, and the weight is ideal for cooler weather as there is a double layer of Hobbs Heirloom Cotton Batting in this quilt.
One more look at the quilting detail...this quilt was designed and sewn to last for generations!
"Elephant Walk" 41 x 56-Inch Crib Quilt
This truly pretty crib quilt offers pieced blocks combined with applique and intricate quiltiing details in a medley of traditional "baby girl" colours.
The chevrons are pieced, and have been quilted to create dimension and make them stand up off the quilt.
The pretty backing combines the pinks ad greens from the front of the quilt with a soft grey, and looks great turned back over the front of the quilt!
Lots of intricate quilting details including bump-back feathers, whimsical feathers, a rick-rack design and ditsy daisies add lots of interest to this quilt top, but do not take away from its soft drape.
Doesn't a turn back look great on this quilt?
A look at the whole quilt...I loved making this one, amnd will definitely be making a baby boy version soon!
"French Journal" 13 x 17-Inch Reversible Placemats
Seeing how an item is made gives a great insight into how complex something that looks deceptively simple can actually be.
This beautiful, unique fabric is part of Michael Miller's "French Journal" collection.  I am a huge devotee of Michael Miller fabrics!  I'm sure you can see why...
I don't always use binding on placemats, but in this case the sludgy green creates the perfect tie-in to the recipient's newly decorated living/dining room.  I love that this fabric has a large scale, so each placement is complementary to the others, without being exactly the same.
I believe that if a placemat can be made reversible, it should be!  Because who hasn't had an unexpected spill or accident on their placemat?  And who's got time to wash them every day?  Plus, depending on your mood, you can create two totally different looks on your kitchen or dining table!
I have enough fabric left to make eight more of these - if you'd like some, please email me!  ''
"Island Summer" 12 x 16-Inch QAYG Placemats
A blend of batiks, Kona White Cotton, a Timeless Treasures Coastal Inspired Toile....all add up to make the quintessential Coastal/Ocean placemats!
I wish I could find more of this fabric - I'd love to make more of these using it on the front instead of the back!
A little closer up....
Above and below the fabric strip row is a triple-stitch row using variegated thread - this gives even more of an artisan/handmade look to these placemats.
Each placemat has a fussy cut lighthouse, or sailboat, or gulll in the strip pieced keeping with the Island Summer theme.
A closer shot of the beautiful backing fabric!  These placemats are done using the Quilt-As-You-Go technique.
"Bloom" Applique/Trapunto Table Runner
Bloom is a Tideline Quilts original design inspired by a Craftsy course I took taught by Patsy Thompson. Patsy is a gifted art quilter, and a truly motivating teacher!
Bloom is a mix of solids, patterns and even batik - my goal was to capture the primary shades of summer on Grand Manan.  The leaves, grasses, sea, sky and even the fog.
Bloom is intricately free motion quilted - and has a pair of dancing dragonflies subtly included in the quilting...another part of summer on the island...gorgeous dragonflies.
Adding my label always gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.
Trapunto and applique are combined in Bloom to create a dimensional piece that will be the focal point of the table on which it is placed.
A good look at the quilting and how the dragonflies were incorporated.