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Tideline Quilts
"Paris Flea Market" Placemats (Set of 4)
Part of the charm of the shabby-chic Parisian look is the "prettiness" of the soft, faded colours - which only improve with age and washing!
My first finish for 2016 is a set of four placemats - done using the Quilt As You Go technique.
Quilt-As-You-Go is generally not a reversible technique, but if you take your time and execute carefully, you can get a pretty back along with a beautiful front.
The red topstitch line plays well off both the fabrics in the central band and also the binding.  This is an Aurifil 12-W. thread - to use this successfully without shredding, you slow down your machine, lighten your top thread and presser foot tension - and let the machine do the work!
Straight line stitching is best accomplished if you reverse stitching direction on every row, and use the edge of your sewing machine foot to determine spacing.
The end result - timeless, pretty, shabby-chic placemats that will last for a very long time!
Batik Table Mat - Experimenting with QAYG & FMQ combined techniques
Final touch!  Adding a narrow, single fold navy binding to bring all the elements of this project together.
The combined quilt-as-you-go and free-motions swirls quilting shows best from the back - two very different styles brought together in one small project.
Laying on top of another quilt in progress - I really couldn't decide how I felt about my fabric choices (the dark gold batik was the problem)...and at this point, I really did not care for the overall colour combination.
Once it was bound, I liked it much better.  The navy binding, nice and narrow, really brought this project together (in my opinion).
Here it is shown with other table mats in similar colours and fabrics.  If I were to make this again, it would be as a runner to complement the simpler, single row, placemats.
"All in a Row" Placemats -  designed by Samelia's Mum 
These coastal-batik lovelies are headed off to Tasmania as part of my good friend Ange Torlop's birthday gift.  (There are yummies in the package, too, but shhhhhh!  they're a surprise!)
A closer look at the beautiful, intricate patterns of the batiks. and the finishing variegated 30-Wt. YLI top-stitch rows to finish the project.  I love the narrow dark-navy binding on these placemats.
Ready for binding!
Machine binding is quicker and more durable than hand binding.  Since placemats get a lot of washing and wear - I want the binding to last.
I love the shadowy batik used on the back of these placemats...and although the technique is QAYG, they look tidy and well-finished, even from the back.
Whimsy and Valentine's Day go together as well as Valentine's Day and chocolate in my is "Birdie" ready for quilting.
I love the fussy cut butterfly in the corner of the vertical Postal fabric band.  To me, fussy cutting can be much more subtle than placing an image in the centre of a block.  Careful positioning in any spot just adds that little something extra!
A close look at "Birdie".  Birdie is appliqued in a rustic style, using 50-Wt. thread, and a free motion quilting foot.
It's not complete 'til the Tidelines label goes on!
This mug rug is headed off to North Carolina...but I have a few more planned for friends and family!
"Birdie" Mug Rug -  designed by Tideline Quilts 
This is the next "birdie" design - it's coming up on Valentine's Day, and birdie has a special gift for a special friend!
Unfortunately, birdie's beak is just a little too full, and her heart-shaped balloon has escaped as a result!!!  Oh no!
It's always interesting to see "the process" of making...this particular design has a pieced background embellished wish machine embroidery.  Birdie and her balloons are machine appliqued and embroidered - then the entire piece is quilted and framed.
I like to outline the birdies in brown, instead of black, thread.  It's just a little softer, to ensure the piece holds onto its whimsical charm...
Free motion applique and embroidery just getting underway...
The "birdies" are going to be a part of my quilting, going forward!  You'll be seeing them in many iterations for special events and occasions - because they're just so much fun to make!  Here is Birdie's Heart, framed and ready to gift!
"Birdie's Heart" Framed Mini-Quilt - designed by Tideline Quilts