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by Andrea Kelter on 06/03/15

Oh, wow!  I can't believe it has been over a month since I blogged.  I'm blaming my absence on our continued bad weather, the fact that trailer season has arrived (in spite of the bad weather), and also that the number of hours in every day seems to have dwindled from 24 down to about 6-1/2.  Seriously.  Has anyone else noticed that time seems to be speeding up?

It is my 10th year of trailering, and a good friend from Hole-in-the-Wall campground sent me a photo of my first "Merlyn" - so I took it into Photoshop and added my new (and fourth) "Merlyn" - and here they are, both on the same site, but somewhat different in size and style! 

Some of you may be wondering where Hole-in-the-Wall Park is...and the answer is "On Grand Manan Island, in the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, off the coasts of both Maine and New Brunswick.  This lovely, unspoiled gem of a place is ruled by wind and tide, and, to mis-quote Jacques Cousteau, "Grand Manan, once it casts its spell, holds you in its net of wonder forever."  Very, very true.  At least for me.

To get to the island, you must take one of the two ferries that serve her year-round, departing from Black's Harbor, New Brunswick, every four hours in the off-season, and every two hours during the summer.  Both are car ferries, but one (The Grand Manan Adventure) is considerably larger than the other.  Personally, I prefer the Grand Manan V, the smaller of the two ferries...but the photo above was taken a few days ago (on May 29th) from the upper deck of the Adventure.  A beautiful evening with calm seas and no wind - perfect for staying outside to enjoy the spectacular views of the coast and Campobello Island.

Here's another photo from that trip, taken as we were passing Western Wolf Island and its lighthouse, Western Wolf Light.

My new trailer has a few challenges in the areas of non-functioning circuits, a slide leak and an inordinately long distance from sewer pipe to drain pipe (necessitating 40-feet of sewer hose).  RV campers will be laughing as they read this, because they know what it means in stormy conditions and high winds.  I had to couple three hoses together to make things work - which means taking two couplings out, then adding four in - and while they are called "Quick Couplers" - let me warn you that that's the height of an oxymoron. Because doing this is anything BUT quick.  Really.  If you need to do it, give yourself two to three hours.  However, it all worked out in the end, and looks like this...

In comparison to my previous trailers, all of which were much loved, this new Merlyn is the height of luxury.  He has a kitchen island with double sinks and granite countertop, built in fireplace, leather theatre seating, a large sofa with enough room for three, large kitchen table with 4-foot seats, tons of storage, slides on both sides, round shower (extra space) and a queen size bed in a utilitarian sleeping room, but with ample storage.  The floorplan is actually a fifth wheel design in a travel trailer format.  I love him.  And love being aboard him.  Can you blame me?

And, even though it's been crazy busy at work, and I've been on the island as much as possible, I have also been quilting.  I've completed placemats for the trailer, along with two pillows - one featuring fabrics from Moda's Low Tide collection, and one featuring the "Weights and Measures" fabric  from Tim Holtz's Eclectic Elements collection, along with my favorite owl batik.

I made the placemats reversible, with each side quite different - one side is pieced, the other wholecloth - but either side coordinates really well with the trailer (and reduces the number of times I have to take them home to wash if there is an accidental spill).  Plus, it means I can change up "the look" whenever I wish!

I really like the idea of reversible pieces for home and kitchen - and am planning to make quite a few more - some will have seasonal themes, others just colour variations - and we'll see how people like them!

That's it for now - linking up with Connie over at Freemotion by the River, and Lee over at Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts to see what everyone's been up to!

Comments (6)

1. Melissa Meinhard said on 6/3/15 - 06:09PM
Ooooh just reading this makes me want to travel! It looks so homey and I love the homemade placemat touch. That was pretty ingenious running the hose along the fencing! Great save :)
2. JanineMarie said on 6/3/15 - 11:10PM
Your trailer looks so cozy. My in-laws were trailer people, but mostly in the southwest US. Your location looks a lot more appealing to me. I really like the color and design of your placemats and pillow. They fit your vacation home perfectly.
3. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 6/4/15 - 08:10AM
Thanks for stopping by, Melissa! Glad you like the placemats...they were fun and quick to make!
4. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 6/4/15 - 08:10AM
Thanks for stopping by, Melissa! Glad you like the placemats...they were fun and quick to make!
5. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 6/4/15 - 08:10AM
Thanks for stopping by, Melissa! Glad you like the placemats...they were fun and quick to make!
6. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 6/4/15 - 08:12AM
Hi Janine Marie...thanks for taking the time to comment. I love my trailer's location, surrounded by wind and tide!!! It's as close to paradise as it gets!!!

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