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From Fabric to Quilt...The Magic.

by Andrea Kelter on 04/15/15

The photo above (created with a little help from Photoshop) perhaps best illustrates what (for me) is the never-failing magic of quilting.   No matter how stunning the fabric (and I am utterly enchanted by this beautiful collection - Le Petit Bistro - by Wilmington Prints), I believe it is the quilting detail that unleashes the artistry of the fabric.

To illustrate my point, I layered two of my completed Le Petit Bistro pieces on top of a piece with the quilting just begun.  Because the fabric is so special to my eyes, I wanted some really intricate quilting - and so, created an old stone wall behind one set of the cups and coffee pot, and echoes of the steam swirls in another.  Both pieces have lots of other detailed quilting as well, and the net effect is that the cups and coffee pots appear to be 3D on the background.  And yes, that is exactly the effect I was going for (but it doesn't always turn out as planned, so Yay!)!!!

I've also just finished piecing a quilt from a pattern by Angela Walters of 'Quilting is My Therapy".  I'm a big fan of Angela's work, and have taken a number of online classes from her - so when she released this lovely free pattern called "Coral", I knew I had to make one at some point.

Enter my new trailer, and the Low Tide fabric collection by Jane Dixon for Andover Fabrics.  The style of Angela's quilt was perfect for both...and's her version of "Coral" and mine...(her's is the finished one!)  With the weather finally breaking in Nova Scotia, I'll be able to pick the trailer up soon so it's time to get on with layering and finishing this quilt so I can sleep under it my first night aboard!

I was hemming and hawing over how to quilt this, and love the idea of not having exactly the same quilting in all of the going to quilt all of the background blocks with an ocean-themed FMQ design of stones, shells and sand dollars - and all of the varying coloured blocks with a 1/4 inch border and various other, less dense, FMQ designs.  Hope it works out OK...

I'm happy to be linking up with Connie at Freemotion by the River, and also with Lee over at Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts!  Both of these great quilters are always a wonderful source of information and inspiration, and it's so exciting to see what everyone else is quilting!!!!

Comments (6)

1. Sharon - IN said on 4/15/15 - 12:50PM
Lovely quilting! It really does bring out the fabric motifs and pieced designs.
2. Lara B. said on 4/15/15 - 03:34PM
Andrea your wonderful quilting brings those beautiful fabrics to life! Your version of Coral is terrific, as is the ocean themed quilting you have planned for it. What a great quilt to sleep under after a day of adventuring!
3. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 4/16/15 - 08:18AM
Thanks for stopping by, and for your very kind comments, Lara. I am looking forward to beginning to quilt "Coral" - hope it turns out OK!!!!
4. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 4/16/15 - 08:20AM
Hi Sharon, thanks so much for stopping by! It makes my day when a fellow quilter takes the time to look at my pieces....(so thanks again!)
5. France said on 5/5/15 - 01:40PM
Your Bistro placemats are gorgeous! I love them! And your quilting really enhance the panels. You've made clever choices for the quilting motifs.
6. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 5/5/15 - 02:06PM
Thanks, France! I really appreciate your really nice comments - hearing from fellow quilters is always a joy!

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