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Home Renovations and the Never-Ending Quilt

by Andrea Kelter on 03/02/16

I am in the thick of home renovations as I prepare to sell my house - and although the results are great (so far) - there are moments when I come home to surprises that are...(how best to say it?)...interesting.  Yes.  That's the word.  Interesting.

For example...

This is my bathtub.  Or was.  I came home last Friday night to this.  Since the tub is being replaced, it's not a big problem.  But - the new tub is not arriving for another few days, and will not be installed for a week or so.  And then the tile guy needs to come.  Probably another ten days before I have a tub again.   It's not that I don't have another bathroom - I do.  But it only has a shower, and I'm a bath girl. Sigh.  

The happy news is that the never-ending quilt is finally quilted.  3,790 yards of Bubblegum Aurifil 50-Wt. thread later!  That's well over TWO MILES of thread, just for the quilting.  Wow.  

Binding will happen this weekend - and shipping - so that my brother doesn't stop speaking to me.  He has been very patiently waiting...so far.  But even his patience has its limits  :o)!!!  I do think this quilt was worth the wait, though.

I am slowly mastering Embree - my emboidery machine.  I am working on combining designs to create one large design - right now that is Vintage Long Stem Flowers - and slowly, slowly the ins and outs of getting everything correct are coming clear.  It's a great feeling.  This is my latest test...

The lavender design has a distinct curve to it - but the flower tops are touching deliberately to give a more natural, windblown look.  The stem spacing at the bottom is pretty much right on.  This design was re-hooped twice, and uses a heavier-weight water soluble stabilizer.  I will also be trying it with a soft and stable tearaway - just to see the difference.

Other than that, things are fairly quiet around home - something to be thankful for!

I will be linking up with Freemotion by the River - I love seeing what Connie is up to - and also all the wonderful quilters participating in her Linky Tuesdays!

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1. Sharon - IN said on 3/3/16 - 09:53PM
Congrats on your finish! That was a lot of thread! I've never quilting anything that intensely and really never paid attention to the amount of thread used. As I improve my FMQ, I will have to keep track for the fun of it!
2. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 3/4/16 - 09:02AM
Hi Sharon! Thanks for stopping by! I don't usually use this much thread either - I couldn't believe how much the quilting ate up! I'm going to do the "good" photo shoot on this quilt this weekend - and will have much better photos next week!

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