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New machine excitement!

by Andrea Kelter on 07/14/15

Every now and again life places us at a crossroads, where we can either boldly go in a new direction (and in so doing, achieve some of our dreams), or we can opt to stay on the road more traveled.

Being at that crossroads has proved to be an exhilarating experience, and as part of the change - my studio space will ultimately relocate and downsize quite significantly (but in a very good way).

Sooooo....I am being proactive, and selling my current two machines - a Brother PQ-1500S known as "Big Brother", and a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 known as "Little Sister" - in favour of the new Singer Studio S18 - which is pretty much a combination of both of these machines.

I see a lot of negative comments about today's Singer machines vs. those of yesteryear - but can honestly say that has not been my experience of the company or their products.  My Quantum Stylist has been a hardworking, faithful sewing and quilting companion, and has not ever let me down.

The S18 is built for Singer by Janome (YAY!) - and features 9 inches of space to the right of the needle, along with about 400 built-in stitches, auto thread cutter, speed control, knee lifter, extension table, independent bobbin winder...and lots of other goodies.  

I also got an exceptionally good deal on the machine, making it even more exciting.  Best of all, both of my other machines sold in one day, after being listed on Kijiji.   So the studio is set up and ready to receive the new machine...

Of course, that currently leaves me without a machine, but the new Singer has arrived in Maine, and I am driving around from Nova Scotia to pick it up at the end of the week.

I'll be able to start giving some insights and thoughts on its performance in about two weeks!  The anticipation is lots of fun, and yes, I'm excited about sewing and quilting on it - and just generally getting to know it!

All of this has left me a bit short of sewing time, but my scrappy baby sailboats quilt is half quilted using Christina Cameli's "Effervescent" design - and, unfortunately, will remain half quilted until the new machine is set up.

Because I was in sewing withdrawal after Big Brother left, I pieced a scrappy postage-stamp pillow on the 9960 - and FMQ'd it in the "Effervescent" design as well.  

"Effervescent" is made up of wavy lines and bubbles, and makes a great filler design for a nautical or baby quilt.  Here's a view of the design from the back of the pillow.

Here's a photo of the two pieces together....this is my first attempt at a truly "scrappy" quilt - and I'm happy with the colours and style of this project!

It will be the first project I finish on the new machine in about ten days or so - can't wait to share it with you then!!!!

Linking up with Connie over at Freemotion by the River today, and Lee over at Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts tomorrow to enjoy all the lovely projects everyone is working on!

Hope your summer is all kinds of fun so far!!!  

Comments (5)

1. Linda Dutch said on 7/15/15 - 06:12PM
Lovely colours in your quilt & pillow! And that looks like a great quilting design, I must give it a go!
2. Linda said on 7/16/15 - 12:45AM
great colors on these sail boats!
3. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 7/16/15 - 08:39AM
Thanks for stopping by Linda and Linda! I am a big fan of Christina Cameli's quilting - she has some great filler ideas and because she works on a similar machine to mine, I know they'll work for me. So glad you both like my colour choices for this project!
4. JanineMarie said on 7/17/15 - 08:10PM
Your first run at scrappy is a winner! I love the colors. The quilting design looks fun. I really like Christina Cameli's work, but haven't done much with her quilting patterns yet. Have fun with that new machine!
5. Andrea @ Tideline Quilts said on 7/27/15 - 10:19AM
Thanks Janine-Marie! I appreciate your taking the time to stop by, and really appreciate your kind comments!

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