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Tideline Quilts
Tideline Quilts knows how important and meaningful your quilt tops are, and how many hours of work (even if it is a labour of love!) go into each one.  I take special care of your quilt, and treat it as if it was one of my own.  Each top is quilted to bring out the beauty of your piecing, within the guidelines of your budget.

When you order a custom quilt, I take lots of care to ensure the design is exactly what you want, use only premium quality quilting fabrics and batting, piece with great care and attention to detail, and quilt it the way you want using methods that will make your quilt last and stay beautiful for generations.
Lap Quilt, B. MacDonald
Beverley brought in two lovely quilts, the lap quilt shown below and a baby quilt for her granddaughter done in cuddle fabric and minky.  She wanted very simple quilting for the baby blanket, in her words "Just enough to keep it together!" and also simple quilting for the lap quilt as it will get lots of use and lots of trips to the washing machine!  The baby quilt was so straightforward, I didn't photograph it.  But the lap quilt features a lot of Stitch-in-the-Ditch work, which was done with a walking foot to ensure perfectly even stitches and absolutely straight lines - which also meant dozens and dozens of turns of the quilt under the walking foot!  Lots of work, and lots of time!  This customer also wanted the binding made and attached (by machine) for both quilts.  Here's what Beverley said on Facebook after she picked up her quilts, "Just want to thank you so much for quilting my quilts! I love them. I was going to keep the baby one so I would have something I made out at the house when she comes to visit but her Mom loved it so much I left it with she loved the lap quilt as well. Said beautiful colours in it!"  See the images below, and click on them to enlarge them.
Pretty fabrics in great colours made this jelly roll quilt a perfect candidate for SID quilting, to really make those fabrics pop!
A good look at both the binding, which I attached to the back of the quilt first, then finished with topstitching on the front, and also the SID work.
A better look at the SID work, clearly visible on the back of the quilt.  Believe it or not, the back is actually bright yellow - don't know WHAT my camera was thinking!
A look at the topstitched binding, from the front of the quilt,
Sea Quilt, Susan Corey
Sue is a good friend of mine, and we both share a love of Grand Manan.  She lives on the island in the summer, but in Ontario in the winter - and wanted a quilt for her bed that would capture the spirit of the Bay of Fundy and her beloved island.  She gave me carte-blanche, and "Sea" was the result.  When it arrived at her home, here's what she wrote to me, "I love my quilt!  It makes my bedroom come alive!  What a great idea to have sailboats on the back!..."
A lovely panel, appropriately called "Sea" forms the nucleus of this quilt.
A version of our favorite ketch, the Elsie Menota, sails across the back of Sue's quilt!
Probably a good idea to show you the entire quilt, yes?!!!
Comments from Maria Hrabovsky, Owner, Quilts for Sale
Maria sent me the following note after receiving the photos of Spring Mix, a quilt I made which won a Bronze Medal in the Moda Quilt Olympics, and which is now listed for sale with Maria's site. "Hi Andrea.  I think you are fantastic to have done such gorgeous quilting on what is a home sewing machine.  I don't know anyone who can do what you have done on such a machine.  Thought for sure you had a longarm. Congratulations on gettig a midarm.  I'm sure you will love it! Best Wishes,  Maria"
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"Cottage Breeze" Pillows, D. Kuyp, Nova Scotia
Dionne sent me this lovely note after receiving her quilted pillows, and gave me permission to publish it.      
"In mid-December I ordered two quilted pillow/cushion coverings to put in my camper,and received the finished product in early January.  I requested to have a different color on the backing, the request was easily granted.  When I received them, I was beyond pleased!  They are so unique, and so well made. There was even the added touches like a ribbon with sea shells and star fish on it, and also a light green backing, which will make them even more perfect for my camper.  All the chosen colors flow beautifully. This was my first purchase from Tideline Quilts, but will absolutely not be my last."  To see larger pix of these pillows, please click the images below.
Each of these cushions starts with one hundred 2-1/2-inch squares of fabric!  Accurate cutting is essential to make the pieces fit.
These pilows are all-over quilted in an "orange peel" design.  The back of each pillow-front is faced with Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting, and Kona white cotton - to ensure a perfect finish inside and out!
The envelope back has a double layer of fabric, and is finished with a designer ribbon featuring sea stars, sand dollars and shells - then the Tideline Quilts label is added.
The two finished cushion covers...ready to package for shipping.
Minecraft Quilt, Elizabeth Casimiro
Elizabeth commissioned an oversize twin bed quilt for her son through a California-based quilter who also owns an online quilt store, based on a concept from the video game "Minecraft".  The quilt required 300 five-inch squares of fabric, and was entirely stitched in the ditch.  The backing was a soft, warm microfleece - which gave lovely drape and extra warmth to the quilt (but also made it much more challenging to quilt due to the overall thickness!).  Because Elizabeth lives in the U.S., far from me, we could not meet, and everything was done electronically.  This left me a bit nervous, because I always want my customers expectations to be exceeded.  When the quilt arrived in March, Elizabeth messaged me these comments..."We got the quilt today!  OMG!  We love it!!!!  So AWESOME!  It far exceeded my expectations.  You are amazing!  My son is thrilled!  Thank you so much.  The colour is perfect.  The fleece is soft and the weight is spot on. Your communication was wonderful.  We worked together and you listened to our needs.  Thank you ever so much."
This is the final design that Elizabeth approved for her son's quilt.
A look at the piecing and the Stitch in the Ditch quilting...
Folded with the fleece outwards just before packing to ship!  You can see how thick and puffy the quilt is!  Very snuggly, too, perfect for a little boy.
Elizabeth was kind enough to send me a photo of the quilt on her son's bed!!! (I love his green Minecraft "stuffies"!!!)