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Tideline Quilts
  • Finished quilts, cushions, table toppers, etc. - available at my Etsy store.
  • Commissioned quilts, cushions, wall hangings, table toppers (or whatever else you can dream up!). Please contact me by phone or by using the form to the right to arrange.
  • Quilting Services - I will be happy to quilt your top for you, and we'll work together to develop the quilting style that best brings your beautiful top to life!  Your top will be quilted on my Singer S18 Studio - a limited edition new release machine which produces stunning straight stitches, and is perfect for every kind of quilting.
  • Binding - I'm happy to attach your binding for you, either just to the front of your quilt, or both front and back.  I can also make your binding, in accordance with your direction and fabric choices.
Services Offered... 
My studio is equipped with a computerized Singer S18 Studio, a limited edition new machine from Singer built on the Janome 6600 platform by Janome for Singer.  This machine produces stunning stitches and takes home machine quilting to a new level.
I am very pleased to offer the following services:
My prices are fair and competitive, but because every quilt is unique and one-of-a-kind, I believe pricing is best discussed with the customer - so we can create a quilt together that meets (and exceeds) your artistic expectations within your budget.

An allover quilting design,
free-motion feathers, allows the pretty fabrics in this table topper to be highlighted beautifully. The quilting creates movement in this piece, and adds a bit of drama to make it stand out on a table.
Machine applique,
machine and custom quilting including dense stippling, swirls and leaves incorporated into the background to create a unique, one of a kind cushion.
Custom free-motion quilting - these fish are swimming among quilted waves and bubbles - which adds great dimension and visual interest to the cushion cover.  All the applique and embroidery work was done on my Quantum Stylist.
Contemporary piecing design and allover free-motion quilting combine with traditional colours to create an eclectic, yet modern, table runner that is sure to elicit lots of comments from family and friends.
Although there are many colours in the fabric, the choice of a neutral Aurifil 50-Wt. thread lets the quilting create texture, instead of overshadowing the lovely fabrics.
Quilting detail is often easier to see on the back of a quilt.  The front of this cushion cover is small 2-1/2 inch squares in bright summer colours, and was perfectly suited to an orange peel quilting design which was free motion quilted.
Free motion feathers combine with swirls and pebbles to create a bold texture on this beach-themed baby quilt.  The concept was "a walk along the shore" for a Maritime Canada baby born last fall.  The thread blends seamlessly with the fabrics, allowing the quilting to add texture, rather than dominating the quilt.
A custom quilting design of holly and berries complete the border of this heirloom quilted Christmas table topper. Shown from the back to highlight the quilting detail, the "berries" measure about 1/16th of an inch in diameter!  
Art quilting these beautiful Michael Miller fabrics, then making large decorator pillows out of them was one of the most rewarding quilting experiences ever!  The fabrics are quilted to release the movement in the design, without the quilting dominating the lovely, hand painted look of the fabrics.  The "stamen" heads quilted above are smaller than the head of a safety pin!
Straight line quilting marries well with contemporary fabrics, and can be used to visually separate areas of a quilt - as shown in this sample - where a panel inset is separated from quilt blocks by dense straight quilting lines.   While it may seem simple, straight line quilting requires a lot of concentration, because of the natural inclination to veer slightly left or right (depending on whether you're left of right handed), which over the size of a quilt - would create a noticeable slant.