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    You may find all the bedding essentials infused with a PCM fiber

    本站?2016-3-18?業界新聞? 4011

    The fiber is a Phase Change Material - micro composite with thermo-regulating features.It is developed and patented by TITK Institute 

    in Thuringia, Germany.Through direct spinning natural paraffin is embedded in highly crystalline and tear resistant fiber. One of the 

    long-known effect of paraffin is that it absorbs or releases heat when melting or solidifying. The bedding products developed and 

    manufactured with PCM fiber are capable of regulating the skin's micro climate continuously. As the body gets too warm, the excessive 

    heat is absorbed and stored. As the body gets cold, the heat is released. The PCM is based on Lyocell fiber, a type of Cellulose fiber 

    which is well knownfor excellent moisture management. Besides balancing the temperature fluctuations, these products also keep you 

    sleep dry by absorbing the moisture and releasing them to the air very quickly.