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    本站?2016-3-21?業界新聞? 3943

    Seaweed is the fuel of the sea and contains abundent beneficial nutrients. SeaCell fibers derive from the high quality seaweed incorporated with natural Cellulose fiber. Wellmei utilizes SeaCell fibers in the bedding products to offer wellness to your skin while you are sleeping.


    In response to increasingly harmful environmental influences SeaCell? fibers are made from the seaweed found in Icelands unique ecosystem.They are free of toxins and particularly rich in nutrients, such as Vitamin E. The seaweed is harvested in a sustainable and gentle way. Only a certain part of the seaweed is cut off above the regenerative region. The seaweed is left completely untreated and as a result retains its biological compounds.


    The skin-caring properties of the Icelandic seaweed have a soothing and revitalizing effect. Therefore, seaweed is also in demand as an additive in cosmetic products. Body and soul rejuvenate so much better from the daily stress.


    The seaweed in SeaCell? is rich in antioxidants. The valuable substances provide protection for the skin against environmental influences.They reduce skin damage and premature skin aging caused by free radicals.


    SeaCell? lends home textiles a unique softness. The fiber acts supple and ensures a calming effect on the skin that is typical for seaweed a wellness effect you will not want to go without.

    Patented technology.

    The particular SeaCell? effect is based on a patented process that incorporates seaweed into a natural cellulose fiber. The positive characteristics of the seaweed are permanently retained even after many washes.The fiber is breathable and regulates moisture.